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During the summer months of June, July and August we are offering the following special. Due to the summer months being so hot and humid and the mosquito's sometimes becoming quite thick, we are only offering half day hunts conducted early in the morning until noon.

Our rates for this special: $300.00 per-person, for a HALF-DAY, TWO person minimum, SIX person maximum.

This is a 20% discount off our normal season rates. These hunts will only be offered during the stated months.


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EVERGLADES ADVENTURES was established in 1989. The owner, Captain Mark Clemons has been professionally guiding since 1986 and is a native of South Florida. We currently operate on numerous large private ranches located in Collier and Hendry Counties in South Florida. These properties consist of more than 25,000 acres in total. We are a full time safari hunting operation dedicated to our clients and currently handle over a thousand hunters a year on our safaris.

We currently offer Alligator, Wild Boar, Osceola Turkey, Whitetail, Duck and Dove hunts. We currently handle over a thousand hunters a year for all of our hunts combined. We maintain a large supplemental feeding program with automatic solar powered feeders and have a large population of wild boar.

Wild boar hunting Wild boar hunting Wild boar hunting

The full-day hunt (two persons or more) lasts approximately four hours in the morning, then a hearty lunch and a break and then four more hours in the afternoon and includes drinks, ice and also taking care of the game harvested.

The half-day hunt (one person) lasts approximately four hours in the morning and includes drinks, ice and also taking care of the game harvested.

Hunting licenses are not required for wild boar in Florida on private lands for residents or non-residents.

We offer spot and stalk hunting from vehicles (four wheel drive trucks, swamp buggys or electric 4WD Bad Boy Buggys) or walking.

We offer year round hunting for our wild boar. Our hunts are strictly FAIR CHASE on open lands. We have no fenced in areas stocked with wild boar for you to hunt. This is NOT A PRESERVE type hunt or a CANNED HUNT.

Our boars are totally wild animals. They are NOT released from boxes, cages, or traps, held in enclosures, tied up and released during the hunt, stocked or purchased and released behind fences prior to the hunt, or any other type of hunt which is NOT FAIR CHASE (yes, this commonly occurs). Most of the operations that are set up for these types of hunts offer a "GUARANTEED KILL" and are CANNED HUNTS. We don't offer a "GUARANTEED KILL". If you are looking for this type of a hunt there are numerous other operations which offer them.

We don't offer any "DOG HUNTING". We have found that pursuing boars with dogs stresses out all other wildlife on the areas and therefore, we do not utilize dogs on any of our wild boar hunts. Also, dog hunting creates stress on the animal which causes high adrenaline levels which effects the taste of the meat.

We like to be on a very personal level with our clients. For this reason our hunts are limited to no more than 6 hunters at a time. Most of our hunts are for only two or three persons. If your party is for two or more people you will most likely be the only party hunting with us at that time. At the time of your reservation we can inform you of how many persons will be hunting with us at that time if you desire.

 Wild boar huntingFor this hunt you will need full camouflage clothing in a dark green pattern such as Mossy Oak Full Foliage. You might require waterproof hiking boots; preferably knee-high as it is very possible we could get into some water. Your clothing should consist of long sleeve shirts, pants and a hat. Also, you may require some form of camouflage rain gear if you are hunting during the summer months. The mosquito’s can be pretty bad during the summer months so during this time especially plan on the long sleeve shirts and long pants.

We suggest the use of thirty caliber or larger rifles and for the handgun hunters, nothing smaller than a 357 magnum. Shots generally range from thirty yards with a maximum shooting range of one hundred yards. Hunters will need some form of soft case for your gun for transporting it on our vehicles.

For our Bow hunters we suggest the use of a bow with a fifty-pound draw minimum. You should be proficient from ten to thirty yards.

Wild boar huntingWe require a 50% (fifty-percent) deposit to confirm your reservation. The deposit is non-refundable, but is transferable as scheduling permits. Thirty-day advance notice of cancellation is required. Payments can be made by cash, personal or business check, traveler’s check, cashiers check or money order. Checks should be made payable to: EVERGLADES ADVENTURES.

Our rates are $375.00, for a HALF-DAY for a single person. This price includes ONE meat hog up to 150 pounds. This includes the skinning and quartering of the animal. The client will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins, two back straps and two sets of ribs from each hog.

FULL-DAY ( $375.00 per-person) TWO person minimum, SIX person maximum. This price includes ONE meat hog per-hunter) up to 150 pounds. This includes the skinning and quartering of animals. The client will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins, two back straps and two sets of ribs from each hog. This also includes lunch or brunch depending on the client's choice.

Additional meat hogs are $150.00 each and are limited to ONE per-hunter, per day or half day.

Non-Hunters are allowed on a limited basis. The cost for non-hunters is 100.00 per-person.

Our hogs are basically eating sugar cane, whole corn, oranges, palmetto berries or acorns as their main diet though out the year. Due to this they are very good eating. If you look though all of the photo's of our harvested hogs you won't see any poor hogs( thin and under nourished). The best size for eating is between 85-90 pounds and 115-120 pounds. This is the size slot we are looking for during our meat hog hunts. You will see numerous hogs both over and under this size. Larger hogs are excellent for grinding into sausage but don't otherwise fare well on the table.

Wild boar huntingOur prices are on the high end of the scale. We offer professional guide services to our clients. We have several properties which are very pristine and private. Our feeding program on all of these properties consists of forty automatic feeders feeding THREE TONS (6000 Pounds) of whole corn per-month. The concentrations of hogs on our properties is HIGH. On an average day's hunt clients should witness over 100 hogs. Due to this our overhead is high. This is reflected in our prices.

There are NO guide or other fees, just the following trophy fees if a trophy boar is desired and harvested. (HARVESTED for trophy boars: If you take the shot and hit the animal it belongs to you regardless of your shot placement. Recovery of the boar is not a requirement of your guide due to a bad shot.)

There is an additional $125.00 trophy fee for all boars harvested over 200 but less than 300 pounds. Total cost $500.00 for that individual hunter.

Trophy boars harvested between 300 pounds and 400 pounds the additional trophy fee is $375.00. Total cost $750.00 for that individual hunter.

Trophy boars harvested over 400 pounds the additional trophy fee is $625.00. Total cost $1000.00 for that individual hunter.

Wild boar huntingWe will discuss the trophy prior to the harvest. Most of these very large boars are harvested over bait. These are very wild boars much like very large bucks and must be hunted accordingly. These hunts are mostly done one on one with your guide.

You will need a cooler for transporting your meat home. You will need a large one if you are planning to use your taxidermist. We have several taxidermists that we recommend and can handle the complete process including handling the mount and the paperwork. We also would suggest you bring a still or video camera with extra film for the very excellent scenery.

If you are flying in, the Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers or the Ft. Lauderdale Airport are the most convenient. These airports are located approximately one and a half-hours from where you will be hunting. If you are flying into this area for the hunt we recommend that you acquire a rental car, which are available at the airport.

We have comfortable modern air-conditioned lodging on site and available for our guests that would like to hunt for more than one day or for our guests that would like some type of a combination hunt.


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