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Everglades Adventures offers year-round alligator hunting on 25,000 acres of private ranches as well as seasonal hunts on public waters.

Everglades Adventures is very passionate about our hunting adventures. We feel very fortunate to be able to live and work in the Florida Everglades. We will provide you the best possible Everglades Adventure. Our guides are all native to South Florida and experienced professionals. We use only state-of-the-art equipment that is personally maintained by our owners and guides. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we carry all the necessary safety equipment. Our 25 years plus experience allows us to pay special attention to the details so you have an excellent outdoor adventure. We want you to enjoy your first experience with us and continue to use our services for years to come.

The owner, Captain Mark Clemons is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and CPR and First Aid Certified (a requirement to conduct hunts on public waterways for hire) as well as insured and has been professionally guiding hunting charters (full time) for over 25 years. He is a native of South Florida and has hunted and fished in South Florida his entire life.

Alligator Hunting in Florida Hunting in Florida

Our public water's hunts are conducted on public lakes, rivers and wetlands throughout the state designated by the Florida's conservation commission as harvest units. We conduct our hunts only on harvest units located in Southern Florida, basically Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades depending on areas drawn for permits. The areas we specialize in are #406 (STA-5), #601 (Lake Okeechobee WEST), #604 (Lake Okeechobee SOUTH) #404 (Everglades WMA-WCA 3A). These hunts are only conducted during specific harvest periods from August 15th through November 1st of each year. For Additional information concerning these hunts please visit our Public Waters Hunts and Rates page.

Our private lands hunts for alligators are conducted year-round on private, pristine ranches in South Florida consisting of thousands of acres in which alligators are located in canals, water retention areas, ponds, lakes, marshes, cypress strands and swamps. We have on hand all necessary equipment which could be used to hunt them. We utilize airboats, swamp buggies and specialized four-wheel drive trucks. For Additional information concerning these hunts please visit our Private Lands Hunts and Rates page.

Alligator Hunting in Florida Hunting in Florida

We also have a Current Conditions and News link which lists recent harvests and news. View the page here: Current Conditions on Alligator Hunting.

If you are considering coming to Florida in pursuit of an Alligator we have a list of things to be considered prior to arranging a hunt with any outfitter or guide service. For this information please view our Alligator hunting in Florida page.

We also have a facebook page where we update all of our recent adventures with pictures of our clients and their adventures with us. Please visit the Everglades Adventures Facebook Page and be sure to LIKE US.

We utilize Tripadvisor.com for client reviews of our services. This offers clients the ability to read unedited reviews of previous clients written by the clients themselves about their recent adventures with us. Please view the Everglades Adventures Tripadvisor reviews here.

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